About myself & this site

As you might have guessed from the domain name; my name is Anton Fagerberg. I am a software developer who lives in Lund, Sweden, where I study Computer Science and Engineering (M.Sc. in Engineering) at Lund University. My specialisation is Software in systems - "to develop large program systems, advanced programming techniques and software engineering solutions".

I am a part-time employee of JayWay where I work as a consultant. I do, and have done, work in Scala, Java & Javascript with a variety of clients. I was previously an employee of Bring where I designed and developed business-critical systems in Scala for managing everything from linehauls and shipments to orders and parcels.

Currently, I try to focus on Scala which I really enjoy. In my opinion, it's a good blend of object-oriented and functional programming albeit a bit complicated and heavy. I have done a lot of web development with the Play Framework (Scala) professionally which has been a very pleasant experience. I have in the past worked with some Haskell, PHP and Ruby. I did an iOS app in Objective-C which I had in the app store for a year and I know my way around C++.

A nice side effect or studying at a university is that you get the opportunity to try a lot of (not always so nice) things like Prolog, Assembly and Perl. That said, I really like to explore programming languages and the quest for the perfect language is an ongoing adventure.

I like free software & open source and try to have openness as my general approach in life. I've created this site as a place for me to write what's on my mind, to show off some projects and talk a bit about myself. Check out the links above and for additional information or check out my GitHub page to see what I'm currently working on.