My name is Anton Fagerberg, this is my personal site where I collect some of the projects I've been working on and occasionally write down what's on my mind.

I'm working as a consultant at Jayway in Malmö and has been there since 2014. Before that, I worked at Bring for almost 10 years, full and part time. I got my MSc in Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering specialized in "Software in systems") from Lund University in 2015. I was also part of the 2017 program committee for Øredev.

I'm a functional programming enthusiast with Scala (professionally) and Elixir / Haskell (hobby) as my current languages of choice. I've been working with Scala for a couple of years using different frameworks such as Spark and Play Framework.

Beside software development I enjoy tasting beers (Omnipollo) & coffee (Koppi), eating good food, watching cartoons (Adventure Time), reading books (Haruki Murakami), traveling and listening to music (Thundercat).




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