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My name is Anton Fagerberg, I’m in my late thirties and I live in a town called Jönköping in Sweden. I’ve got a family that consist of my girlfriend and our three kids (born in ‘17, ‘20 and ‘22). I moved back to Jönköping in 2018 after living for almost a decade in Lund (I studied there which resulted in a master’s degree - “MSc in Computer Science and Engineering”). Both me and my girlfriend were born and raised in Jönköping and suddenly we had the opportunity to buy my late grandparents-in-law’s house that they built in 1968. A lot of our time is spent in this house, fixing it and making it our own.

My interest in computers started when I was a child; my dad bought an Ambra 386 in the early 90s (I think), and since then I was hooked. Back then I mainly played games like Commander Keen and Crystal Caves, but I also did a lot of creative things like painting and creating “newspapers” (I loved Microsoft’s Fine Artist / Creative Writer - such good products for kids). Later on, QBasic showed me what was possible with the classic “gorilla.bas”. Today I work as a squad lead / software developer, mainly with Java (Quarkus, Dropwizard), AWS (e.g. DynamoDB, OpenSearch) and Docker. Previously I worked for many years with Scala, both targeting the web with Play Framework but also with big-data in the Hadoop eco-system (Spark, Oozie, Scalding, Hive). I’ve also dabbled as a front-end JavaScript developer a long time ago. Even further back, at the start of my career around 2005, I did a lot of PHP and the LAMP stack (fun times!).

I’ve been working remotely since early 2020 and I think it’s great. I love being able to focus in the comfortable environment of my home. My team is also distributed around the world which makes this an especially good fit. For me, there’s just so many benefits: no commute, noise & distraction free environment, good coffee, eating proper meals at home - just to name a few. Highly recommended!

I was part of the 2017 and 2018 program committee for Øredev - I wrote a little about it and added videos for the first year (2017) here. I’m not a big conference enthusiast but it’s fun from time to time. I attended Øredev in Malmö for many years and I’ve also visited StrangeLoop in St. Louis and JFocus in Stockholm. Nowadays I mainly look at the videos online - or just skip it altogether!

My spare time is mostly spent with my family as my children are still very young (and demanding). I enjoy gardening, not that I’m particularly good at it but I enjoy the “disconnected/offline feeling” of getting my hands dirty and digging around, trimming bushes and planting flowers. Recently I also started dabbling with making sourdough bread. Otherwise we spend a lot of our time and resources into making or house the home we want - a cozy, relaxing and good space for us where we can enjoy life, recharge and have fun!

2024 edition

I’ve been running this website (or versions of it) for a very long time, probably two decades. What you’re looking at right now is the “2024 edition”. It’s kinda similar to what it was before, but I made some changes - I hope for the better:

A lot of this has to do with me really starting to enjoy “the small web”. Personal websites, more like it was back in the early 2000s (and even earlier). Before everything got swallowed up by Facebook, “walled gardens” and everything got capitalized. Before everything turned into a garbage dump by all the AI generated nonsense. Let’s get back to that!

Social media is not for me, so this is the place where I can express my thoughts and show off things I’ve been doing. My plan however for the rest of 2024 is to try to do less, just live life without having to be productive outside of work.

So who reads this anyway?

Probably no one (as it turns out). Normally I host this site using Github pages and I don’t run any analytics, but recently I did some self-hosting at home to get some insights into if anyone is visiting my site.

For two weeks I self-hosted and I got 1,900 page views. 90% of those were hacking attempts, yikes. 8% were bots. In the end, I got 29 (probably) real and unique visitors. No one read this page, so if you’re reading this, good on you for doing something different! Perhaps some people subscribe via RSS, but I doubt it.

What did people read beside looking at the front page? Mainly a two decade old guide about setting up Irssi that’s hidden but still accessible.