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BM Elite Force

24 Dec 2011

So the background story goes like this. Me and my friends had this “gaming club” back in the days called Button Masters. We used to meet every thursday, eat some pizza and drink some brews and of course play games together. We started out with the GameCube where we played a lot of Super Smash Bros but lately (since the Xbox 360 arrived) we’ve mostly been playing Halo 3. Nowadays we all pretend to be grown up, some of us has moved to new cities (and countries) but we try to meet up at least for christmas and have our own ButtonMasters-christmas (we sometime call it Dinosaurmas since none of us is religious).

In 2011, I wanted to surprise them so I created this game so that we could play something other than Halo 3. To make a long story short, I developed this game on my spare time for about 3 months as a secret. The result was a 6-player coop shooter called BM Elite Force with my friends as the characters, each with their own special abilities.

It was my first Ruby project but it turned out pretty good. I put it up online as open-source and a few people actually liked it even though it’s really unpolished. It uses LibGosu as the game engine and SpriteLib (GPL) for graphics.

“It is hard :) And some enemies look like power-ups. But it is also really, really well programmed. I love details like the six players circling the center when the game is over etc… it just has great gameplay overall.”

– Julian Raschke, creator of LibGosu

Source code on GitHub